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Choose These Three Drinks To Help The Health Of Your Smile

Just as it's important to carefully select foods in your diet based on how the affect your oral health, you should also take the same approach with drinks. Beverages such as red wine and coffee can contribute to stained teeth, while sugary drinks such as soda can heighten your risk of cavities and tooth decay. A number of other commonly found drink choices, however, have elements that can help you improve your oral health, which is definitely something to smile about. Here are three drinks that you should try to consistently include in your diet.


Including milk in your daily diet can be beneficial for your oral health in a few ways. Milk reacts with the bacteria in your mouth in a way that prevents the production of acid. When acid isn't present, it won't be able to eat into the enamel of your teeth and cause damage. Additionally, milk is high in calcium, which helps create stronger teeth. This dose of calcium is especially important if your teeth have been weakened over time by the acid in your mouth. The benefits of milk don't mean that you should drink chocolate milk frequently; it's loaded with sugar that will coat your mouth and could increase your risk of cavities.

Green Tea

Some people reach for a cup of green tea as a way to have a boost of caffeine for energy, but this mild-flavored beverage can also improve your oral health. It provides an effective way to lower the acidity in your mouth and keep the proliferation of oral bacteria under control. This means that people who drink tea regularly can often experience a reduced risk of cavities and tooth decay. Green tea's antibacterial quality makes it valuable in the battle against gum disease. When the bacteria around your gums are kept under control, you're less likely to suffer poor gum health.


If you find yourself reaching for a glass of water regularly throughout the day, you're making an improvement in your oral health. Water is valuable in several ways, including for its ability to wash bacteria out of your mouth, which can prevent decay and even reverse it in some cases. It's common for tap water to contain fluoride, which is a proven way to protect your mouth against the risk of cavities. If you live in an area that has fluoridated water, it's ideal to drink the water from your tap instead of from a bottle, as bottled water often doesn't contain fluoride unless it's specifically marked.

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