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2 Reasons To See Your Dentist For A Same-Day Crown

Some of the most time-consuming dental procedures that you can undergo are crowns, usually because a crown procedure will require multiple visits to the dentist before the procedure is complete. However, many dentists have chosen to make this process more convenient for their patients by offering same-day crowns. Listed below are just two of the many reasons to request a same-day crown.

No Temporary Crown Is Necessary

One of the biggest advantages provided by getting a same-day crown is that you will not have to ever deal with the inconvenience and discomfort of a temporary crown since there is no wait before your permanent crown arrives, you will have it by the end of your first and only appointment. These temporary crowns are meant to be worn after your tooth is prepared for the permanent crown in order to protect your tooth and exposed nerves until the permanent crown is delivered to your dentist. While that may not sound like a big issue, you have to remember that a temporary crown will often have to be worn for days or weeks before the final crown is delivered.

The main issue with a temporary crown is that they are typically not very well-fitted or durable, which means that they can shift around or break quite easily. If the temporary crown moves around too much it can lead to pain where the crown is scraping along your gums or by allowing liquids to get under it and reach your nerves and the roots of the tooth. In addition, if the temporary crown falls off or breaks, then you will need to see your dentist to have it reapplied, which further increases the amount of times that you will need to see the dentist before the crown procedure is completed and making the process more inconvenient.

Only A Single Appointment Is Required

Another reason to ask your dentist for a same-day crown is that it can make the entire crown process much more convenient and easy to fit into your schedule. Since a dentist that offers same-day crowns can manufacture your crown in his or her office, you will not have to make a second appointment to come back and have a permanent crown applied to your tooth.

Instead, the dentist will prepare your tooth, clean out the decay, and apply the permanent crown during a single appointment. This is ideal for people who cannot really afford to take time off from work very often or who simply have very busy schedules.

Make an appointment with your dentist today to discuss how a same-day crown can benefit you and your particular dental issue. These crowns can remove the need to wear an often uncomfortable and ill-fitting temporary crown while also saving you time by only requiring a single appointment to complete the crown procedure.

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