Achieving a Megawatt Smile Gets Easier Every Day

Fast Smiles For Less: How CAD/CAM Dental Implants Will Make Your Next Cosmetic Update A Breeze

Thanks to computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM), you can have a new tooth, bridge or larger implant beaming from your mouth in less time and for less cost than conventional cosmetic dentistry.

The secret to remarkable CAD/CAM dental implant success is the computer's ability to accurately "see" inside your mouth and respond to custom commands by your dentist or their implant technician.

3D views help ensure a comfortable, safe fit

Before 3D imaging, dentists had to rely on x-rays, impressions and visual observation to create a crown or bridge piece. Precision was not a guarantee, and new "teeth" might fit poorly, misshape the face or rub painfully against the gums when chewing or talking. Tight-fitting implants might not allow you to floss properly, while loose crowns and other dental work might make it difficult to eat certain foods.

The computer's ability to make an exact replica of your mouth means the implants your dental staff creates for you will be perfect matches for your bite and your gum line. Fewer abrasions in the mouth mean less chance of oral infections, while proper-fitting implants allow you to eat the wide variety of foods you need to stay healthy.

CAD/CAM implants let your doctor give you optimum care

There are a variety of implant manufacturers with their own proprietary software. The implant programs and equipment allow your dentist or implant technician to precisely sculpt, shape and smooth the implant. The diagnostic tools help choose the most secure spots on your jaw to drill in the new bases for teeth so they will last many years.

For bridges and larger implants, the programs instantly adjust adjoining teeth so they can be parallel or have the same angle to correct any bite issues. The computer programs precisely measure the distance between teeth along the same gum line, and double check that upper and lower teeth will sit properly and provide enough surface and space for chewing food once the implants are in place. Calculations that took hours to do are now instantly complete with the click of a mouse, and your custom implants that once took weeks to be ready are now ready in hours while you wait in the office.

Costs for CAD/CAM dentistry are not covered by many dental plans, but your dentist may have a credit program to allow you to finance your implants. The cost out-of-pocket for CAD/CAM implants is about 30 percent less than for traditional implants of a similar nature. If you want a sturdy, bright new smile that doesn't involve weeks of visiting the dentist for fittings and surgeries, ask your cosmetic dentistry practice like Carpenter Dental about their CAD/CAM services.