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4 Foods That Stain Your Teeth

The key to having a whiter smile is to stay away from foods that that stain your teeth. Eating these consistently over time is sure to cause a considerable amount of discoloration. It's ideal to limit the quantity of foods you consume that are best known for causing you teeth to turn yellow. By knowing what some of these items are, you may be better prepared for avoiding these.


During the warmer months, you may enjoy having a Popsicle on occasion as a tasty treat that is low in calories. This can be a refreshing and tasty treat the may assist you in staying cool when the weather outside is steaming.

However, you may want to avoid indulging in this treat too frequently because these can stain your teeth. The vibrant coloring that is used in making these icy treats can be problematic if you want to keep your teeth white for an extended amount of time.

Soy sauce

If you enjoy eating Chinese occasionally, the chances are high that you may like soy sauce on your food. This is a dark liquid that you can add to your food for additional flavor.

The bad news is that this tasty sauce can lead to discolored teeth, so be sure to keep portion sizes at bay.

Tomato sauce

Despite all the news about tomato sauce being good for your health, it can also decrease the brightness of your smile. This tasty paste makes many of your meals much more flavorful and can be used in a variety of ways when it comes to cooking.

If you enjoy Italian cuisine, you may frequently eat foods that are loaded with tomato sauce. However, keeping your teeth white may depend on monitoring the amount of tomato sauce you regularly consume.


You're sure to have heard how great blueberries are for your health. This colorful fruit is full of antioxidants that will enable you to have better health.

Eating a serving of blueberries offers your body a great deal of nutrition. However, this food can also cause lots of discoloration to your teeth and should only be eaten in moderation.

The key to keeping your teeth in good shape and without extensive discoloration is by watching what you eat. Reducing the amount of certain foods you eat can be helpful. Additionally, consider scheduling an appointment with your dentist for a teeth whitening procedure as necessary. To learn more, contact a dental clinic like Mulberry St Family Dentistry.