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4 Tips For First Time Denture Wearers

Getting dentures for the first time is something that may be scary. Many things are going to have to change and you are going to have to know what changes to make and how to implement them properly. This will ensure that your first time wearing dentures is successful, smooth, and comfortable for you. Here are four tips to consider when you are a first time denture wearer:

  1. Don't Take Them Out for At Least the First 24 Hours: First off, when you first receive your dentures, you should not take them out for at least the first 24 hours. This means that you should wear them to sleep that first night unless otherwise instructed by your dentist. The reason for this is that it allows your gums to get used to the dentures, which is going to help the fit stick. It's also going to help you get used to wearing the dentures so that they don't feel so uncomfortable every time you wear them. Instead, it should feel natural. 
  2. Chew on Sugar-Free Gum:  To get used to biting with the dentures, consider chewing on sugar-free gum for the first day or the next. This way, you don't have to take them out every time you want to eat because you don't feel comfortable with chewing. In the end, it can improve your self-confidence, especially when going out to eat with large groups of people.
  3. Slowly Practice Eating: Once you do eat your first few meals, take it slow. Take small bites to allow yourself to practice. Over time, the small changes you make in the way that you chew your food will become second-nature. 
  4. Always Take Them Out at Night: Except for the first night or two that you have your dentures, you should be taking the dentures out to soak in a cleaning solution over night to avoid infection. If you leave your dentures in when you go to sleep, the chances of infection are much higher because of the plaque build up that will stay stuck to your gums. Plus, it's important that your gums get a break from the dentures since wearing them constantly puts a great deal of pressure on them. This leaves your gums in an unhealthy state. 

When you know these four tips as a first time denture wearer, you can ensure that you are confident and comfortable. For more information, contact local professionals like Bristol Dental Group.