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Three Things To Expect When You Take Your Child To The Dentist For The Very First Time

When you take your child into the dentist for the very first time, you may not have any idea what you can expect out of the visit. If you take your child in for the first time at the recommended age of around 1 year old, then there are certain things that you can expect during the appointment. This article will discuss 3 things to expect when you take your child into the dentist. 

Hold Them On Your Lap

Because your child is still so little, you will likely be asked to hold them on your lap while the dental examination is performed. This will involve the dentist looking carefully at each of your child's teeth, and then they will do a quick brushing using a soft, child-appropriate toothbrush. During this time, you will have your child on your lap with their head in the dentist's lap. This allows your child to feel safe and secure, while still allowing the dentist to easily examine and then clean your child's teeth. You can also watch closely to see how the dentist is brushing your child's teeth at this time, and also ask any brushing questions that you may have in order to ensure that you are properly brushing your child's teeth each morning and night.

Discuss Your Child's Teeth

Once the examination has taken place, the dentist will then likely want to discuss with you some different aspects of your child's teeth. They will likely talk with you about the timeline for when more teeth will be coming in, and what you can expect when this happens. They will also talk with you about what foods can be harmful to your child's teeth, as well as which ones can be beneficial in building them up and protecting them. 

Consider A Fluoride Treatment 

Once the dentist is done examining and brushing your child's teeth, they will then ask you if it is alright to do a fluoride treatment. This treatment will simply help protect your child's teeth by adding an extra layer of protection against the acid attacks that cause tooth decay. It can also help to reduce current decay on your child's teeth, if the decay is caught soon enough. This will help your child's teeth to stay healthy and strong and assist in the protection that you are providing by brushing their teeth daily. 

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