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3 Mistakes To Avoid While Wearing Your Invisible Dental Aligners

If you have recently been fitted with your first set of invisible dental aligners, you may still be unclear on how to wear and take care of them. If so, below are three things you should not do while wearing your aligners.

Leaving in Your Aligners While You Eat or Drink

Two of the benefits of having clear dental aligners are that they are virtually invisible and you can take them out before you eat. The latter advantage means you are not confined to eating only certain foods like you would if you were wearing traditional braces.

However, if you do not take advantage of this benefit and leave them in while you are eating, your aligners will become stained, especially if you drink coffee or eat staining foods like berries. Get into the habit of always taking out your aligners before you eat or drink anything other than water.

Neglecting to Floss after Meals

Another mistake you should avoid while wearing aligners is neglecting to floss your teeth after eating your meals. While it is important to floss even if you are not wearing them, it is doubly so when you do.

Normally, if you are not wearing aligners that cover your teeth, food particles will eventually be flushed away by the saliva in your mouth. However, when your teeth stay covered, the food is trapped between your teeth where it sticks and breaks down. Eventually, it could lead to plaque buildup and tooth decay.

After you finish eating and before you replace your aligners, rinse your mouth and floss your teeth. Even if you are eating out, excuse yourself to the bathroom to do a quick floss of any noticeable food. Then, when you get home, thoroughly brush and floss your teeth.

Forgetting to Change Your Aligners

Another mistake you want to avoid is forgetting to change out your old aligners for the next set. The way these appliances work, each set is designed to move your teeth a little at a time until they match up with the mold.

Once your teeth move to these positions, you need the next set to further straighten your teeth. If this is delayed by several days, your teeth will take longer to straighten.

Mark on your calendar the date you need to change your aligners. If necessary, set a reminder on your phone to alert you of when the change needs to be done.

Avoiding the above three mistakes can help keep your teeth and aligners clean, as well as help your dental appliances work better as they straighten your mildly crooked teeth. If you have any further questions about your Invisalign aligners, speak with your dentist who can give you additional pointers on how to take care of them.