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How To Make Your Teen Less Invisible

A lot of teenagers often describe themselves as "invisible" to their peers. They feel ordinary, or they are so embarrassed about something they try to hide. This is quite common with teens who know that their teeth are not perfect, and are embarrassed by it. You can help restore your teen's confidence with Invisalign for teens, and help make them less invisible. Here is how.

Rebuilding Confidence Without Focusing on One Aspect

Teens are already self-conscious to the point that drawing attention to any one feature of their bodies or faces makes them want to hide all the more. When your teen wears invisible braces, the feature is corrected, and no one but you, your teen, and the orthodontist know. Confidence is rebuilt without having everyone around your teen notice and zero in on the braces.

Building Encouragement Through Seeing the End Result

Teens, because of their very nature of emotional and cognitive development, tend to be overly dramatic and somewhat myopic. The mere mention of braces sends many teens into an emotional tumult, and they worry that invisible braces will not make any difference in their lives. By showing your teen the end result of what invisible braces will do, he or she will calm down and be somewhat more accepting the situation. Your orthodontist helps with this by creating a video of your teen's teeth now, and the expected, projected, and finished appearance of the teeth at the end of your teen's treatment.

Building and Reinforcing Good Communication Skills via the Orthodontist/Patient Relationship

Many teens who complain about feeling invisible do so because they have not learned the art of real communication. They do not talk to others at school because they are nervous or afraid. What a better position to be in than that of the orthodontist's office where the orthodontist needs your teen to communicate openly and honestly about how the braces are doing. As this relationship continues, your teen will learn to tell others what needs to be said and in ways that are respectful and honest. This transfers over to conversations with peers, too.

Big Changes in Smiles and Personalities

By the end of your teen's orthodontic treatments, you will no doubt see a change in personality too. He or she will be more willing to smile at others, more willing to interact, and more confident and expressive with words. He/she will come out of the tight cocoon and become visible to his/her world. Visit a site like for help.