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How To Use Activated Charcoal To Whiten Your Teeth

Of all the at-home methods you might hear about for whitening your teeth, one of the strangest methods you might encounter involves whitening your teeth with activated charcoal. If you know anything at all about activated charcoal, you will know that it is black in color and is often used as a way of treating poisonings in children and adults. Activated charcoal is something that you can also use for whitening your teeth, though, and here are several things to know about this method.

It may seem and look disgusting

Because of the nature of activated charcoal, this method for whitening teeth is often one that people consider gross and disgusting. In fact, if you look up pictures of people whitening their teeth with charcoal, you will see their mouths are completely black. While this can seem gross, it can actually help you obtain whiter teeth.

Charcoal works by absorbing stains

To understand how activated charcoal works for whitening teeth, it's important to understand how it works for one of the main uses it has. If a child, for example, eats an entire bottle of pills, the doctors treating the child might give him or her charcoal. This charcoal helps treat poisonings like this by absorbing the medications. If the charcoal can absorb the medications from the child's digestive system, the medications will not be able to get into the bloodstream and harm or kill the child.

When you use charcoal for whitening your teeth, it works in a similar way. When placed on your teeth, it will actually absorb the stains and plaque from your teeth. This will leave your teeth looking whiter because they will no longer have all the stains on them.

How to use charcoal for teeth whitening

If you are interested in trying out this method, it is very easy to do. You will just need to get some activated charcoal and rub it all over your teeth. It is better to rub it on with your fingers rather than brush it because it is somewhat abrasive in nature. If you brush it on your teeth with too much force, you could destroy the enamel you have present on your teeth.

Using activated charcoal is one of many at-home methods for whitening your teeth, and you should talk to your dentist about this method before trying it. You can also talk to your dentist to learn about other ways you can obtain whiter teeth.

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