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Are You Still Scared of Dentists? What to Do

There are many people who still have some fear of dentists, and you might be one of them. You may begrudgingly admit that you need to see a dental professional every six months, but feel afraid to do so. You might make and cancel several appointments. Luckily, your fear doesn't have to continue forever; give these anxiety-reducing suggestions a try.

Talk to Dentists Before Exams

You may feel silly for still harboring fears about sitting in the examination chair in a dentist's office. However, you're far from being the only person who has concerns. For that reason, you should be as transparent with your dentist as possible. Before they start working on your mouth, you might request an office visit with a dental professional so you can explain your fears. As a result, the dentist will likely take several steps to put you at ease. They might explain everything they do before they do it, or they can work more slowly so you feel comfortable enough to ask questions or concerns.

Bring Distractions

One reason you may be so afraid of local dentists is that you are hyper-fixated on their every move. To feel better, it could be wise to pack a few distractions and bring them along. For instance, you might have an MP3 playlist of favorite tunes that you can play as dental work is done. If your dentist has a Smart TV or a VCR or DVD player in their room, you can also bring along a favorite movie or old TV show you've been binge-watching. Being able to turn your mind to something positive can reduce stress during your visit.

Bring a Person

If your own distractions aren't good enough, it may be time to ask someone to be your guest at the dentist. Your spouse or parent might make you feel comfortable no matter what's happening. A friend might crack jokes that will keep you laughing during your visit.

Ask for Medication

The fear you experience as part of a dental office visit could be so deep that you need medicinal help. Many people are unaware that dentists have the authority to prescribe various anxiety medications to patients who may be scared whenever they enter the office.

Care for Teeth

Fear of dental procedures could be contributing to your fear of dentists. However, many dental ailments can be prevented with good daily oral care. Learn more about preventative dental care to understand how to brush, floss, and care for your teeth. That way, you can avoid some of the procedures that most concern you. Talk to a dentist for more information.