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What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Gold Fillings?

Some people choose to have gold fillings on their back teeth because they like the look of this precious metal in their mouths. However, these fillings don't just make a stylistic statement; they also have practical advantages.

Gold Fillings Last Longer

Back teeth need a robust filling material because they do most of the chewing work when you eat. Because of this, they are exposed to more force than your front teeth.

This can cause some problems with some filling materials. If a filling isn't strong enough, then chewing forces might damage it over time. It might chip, crack, or even fall out completely.

So, you might need to have the filling repaired or replaced as it gets older. This adds to the long-term costs of keeping the tooth safely filled.

Gold is a strong material. You can expect a gold filling to last for longer without any damage. This metal also has some flexibility as well as strength.

So, it is better able to deal with chewing forces without chipping, cracking, or coming loose. Gold also has a natural resistance to acids and bacteria, so it will help keep your mouth healthier.

The longer a filling lasts, the more cost-effective it becomes. While a gold filling might cost you more to start with, it should reduce your future costs. You aren't likely to have to pay to have a gold filling repaired or replaced as often as you would with other types of filling material.

Gold Fillings Cause Less Damage

While a filling protects its tooth, some materials can cause problems in other areas of your mouth. For example, large amalgam fillings sometimes have adverse effects on their opposing teeth. The stress of biting on this metal might damage the tooth above or below the filled tooth.

Plus, you might lose more of your natural tooth over the years if you have to keep replacing broken or failing fillings. Parts of the tooth might come away with the filling if it breaks or falls out. Or, your dentist might need to remove more of the tooth if a filling has failed and allowed decay to get inside the tooth again.

Gold is a natural and hypoallergenic material. While it is very strong, it also has a natural softness. So, your opposing teeth shouldn't suffer from contact damage. Plus, if you can keep one filling in place for longer, then you protect what is left of your natural tooth.

To find out more about gold fillings and whether they are a suitable solution for your teeth, visit your local general dentistry clinic.