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The Importance Of Impressions In Making Same-Day Dentures

If you're like many dental patients who are considering having same-day dentures made, you probably like the idea of being able to have a new set of teeth in place quickly and without having to wait weeks or even months for the final product — but you may be unsure of exactly how same-day dentures are made. One of the first steps is taking impressions to create a mold of your mouth, which is used to fabricate the dentures. 

Here's what you can expect during the impression-taking process.


Before taking impressions, the dentist will ensure that the patient's mouth is clean and dry. This involves asking the patient to rinse their mouth with water and then drying the teeth and gums with air. Proper preparation of the patient's mouth also helps to minimize the risk of infection or other complications during the impression-taking process.

Mixing the Impression Material

The dentist will then mix the impression material, which is typically a soft, putty-like substance that hardens when exposed to air. The material is mixed according to the manufacturer's instructions to ensure that it sets properly.

Taking the Impressions

The dentist will then use a tray to hold the impression material and place it over the patient's teeth and gums. The patient will be asked to bite down on the tray to ensure that the impression material covers all the teeth and gums. The dentist will then remove the tray and allow the impression material to set.

Removing the Impressions

Once the impression material has set, the dentist will carefully remove it from the patient's mouth. This can be done by gently pulling on the tray or using a special tool to loosen the material from the teeth and gums.

Checking the Quality of the Impressions

The dentist will carefully inspect the impressions to ensure that they capture all the necessary details, including the shape of the teeth and gums, the bite pattern, and any existing dental work.  If the impressions are not of good quality, the dentist may need to take new impressions. 

By taking accurate and detailed impressions, the dentist can ensure that the denture fits properly and looks natural. By following proper care instructions and attending follow-up appointments, patients can enjoy a comfortable and functional denture that looks and feels like natural teeth.

Be sure to ask your dentist if you have further questions about any part of the same-day denture process.