Don't Ignore Dental Problems During Menopause

Many women who are going through menopause begin experiencing dental problems. The changes in hormone levels that occur during this time lead to decreased saliva production, an increased risk of gum disease, and sometimes even bone loss in the jaw. While these changes certainly are normal, it is not wise to ignore them. As during any other stage of life, dental problems can progress quickly if not addressed properly. Ignoring what is a minor problems today could lead to more severe issues down the road. [Read More]

Common Myths Concerning Root Canals

Root canals are considered one of the most commonly performed dental procedures. However, there are a lot of myths concerning them as well. The idea that they cause severe pain and are only a temporary solution are just a couple of the myths that surround this procedure. Knowing how to recognize truth from fiction can make your choice on whether or not to have this procedure performed much easier. Causes Pain [Read More]